Inspection software

The WinCan software is a special application for the inspection of pipe networks. It offers a variety of solutions ranging from the collection and compilation of inspection data to their transmission into a pipeline information system (LIS).

It encompasses the core function for the collection and administration of data derived from sewer inspection, the storage of the data in a database as well as the logging and printout of the data in the form of an inspection protocol with a graphical representation of the sewer system. The data can be forwarded to the client by using the integrated data review programme. Moreover, WinCan features all functions which are necessary for processing the inspection data in the office.

Maintenance software

To assure that the pipe network can be sustainably maintained, an effective asset maintenance programme is needed. Our company provides monitoring services and related software solutions for asset management.

Pipeline information system (LIS)

BaSYS is a modular, scalable geospatial information system (GIS) specialised in the planning and management of line-related technical information.The focus is on sewer, water and gas applications.

BaSYS covers the entire network management workflow and supports all steps of data collection, compilation and evaluation, calculation, planning, optimisation and rehabilitation of networks. It offers solutions for the planning of asset operation and maintenance, asset evaluation and the management of connected owners (indirect dischargers cadastre).

BaSYS offers different interfaces for specialists and users with different functionalities that access the same database.

Data testing programmes

PIETS is used to test and correct ISYBAU XML data as well as to convert old ISYBAU data to ISYBAU XML.

Software Sa

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