Lining with close-fit pipes

RTi Rohrtechnik international group has been using the r.tec® Close Fit method successfully for more than 25 years.

In close cooperation with leading plastic pipe manufacturers, RTi has continuously advanced this system to provide a cutting-edge technology for the rehabilitation of drinking water, gas, industrial and wastewater pipelines. This pipe rehabilitation technology is based on a HDPE pipe which gets temporarily deformed by the factory.

The deformation process reduces the diameter of the new pipe by about 25–30%, so it can be more easily pulled into the damaged pipe. Once the deformed pipe has been pulled in, pressure and hot steam are applied to cause the pipe to return to its original shape. As a result, the PE pipe “fits closely” to the interior wall of the host pipe.

This method allows to install pipe lengths of several hundred metres within one work day and is suited for pipe diameters ranging from DN 150 to 400 mm.

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