Cured-in-place (CIPP) lining for gravity pipes

RTi Rohrtechnik international group has been successfully applying the cured-in-place lining method for more than 20 years. Materials and equipment have been continuously improved to meet market requirements. These pipe rehabilitation technologies are based on resin-impregnated, flexible liners that are inserted into the host pipe and are then cured. The flexibility of the CIPP liner allows installation lengths of 200 metres and more to be executed in one step. The CIPP method usually also accommodates bends in the pipe.

Epoxy resin liner

  • Needle felt liner with PE/PP coating
  • On-site impregnation with epoxy resin
  • Inversion process
  • Steam curing
  • DN 50–1400 mm

GRP liner

  • Glass layer construction with external and internal foil
  • Polyester resin (ISO-NPG) or vinyl-ester resin
  • Factory-impregnated
  • Pull-in-place method
  • Curing with UV technology
  • DN 150–1600 mm

Polyester resin liner

  • Needle felt liner with PE/PP coating or with integrated external and internal coating
  • Polyester resin (ISO-NPG) / vinyl-ester resin available
  • Factory-impregnated
  • Inversion process with hot steam or water curing
  • Pull-in-place and inversion techniques may also be combined
  • DN 150–1600 mm
ApplicationSewage and all other gravity pipes
Nominal width(mm)50–1600
Wall thickness after curing(mm)3–30
Resins employedEpoxy resin, polyester resin, vinyl ester resin
CoatingPE, PP
Host pipe materialFor every type of material
Maximum rehabilitation length(m)500 (depending on size and wall thickness)
Terminal integration gravity pipesInjection method, manual lamination or liner end rings
Connection technologyRehabilitation robots, hat profiles
Host pipe conditions acc. to ATV M127-2(Klasse)ARZ 1, 2, 3

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