Rehabilitation of pressure pipes

RTi Rohrtechnik Group boasts a comprehensive portfolio of trenchless pipe repair, rehabilitation and renewal technologies for pressure pipes, which have been successfullly used for many decades.

Rehabilitation technologies

Cured-in-place lining for pressure pipes

RTi Rohrtechnik international Group has been successfully applying the cured-in-place lining method for more than 20 years…

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Lining with close-fit pipes

The r.tec® Close Fit method was one of the first rehabilitation technologies applied by Rohrtechnik international Group…

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Lining with continuous pipes

This lining method uses flexible pipes that are joined to form a strand on site.

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Lining with discrete pipes

This method is based on factory-made pipe modules which are inserted one by one into the pipeline to be rehabilitated.

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Repair methods

Sealing rings

Partial rehabilitation by means of inserted rings is a purely mechanical rehabilitation metho.

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Replacement and renewal methods

Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting technologies are used in the rehabilitation of pressure and gravity lines.

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Pull-in-place method

This method uses the same machines and procedures as the pipe bursting method and serves to replace pipelines made of ductile materials.

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