Structural rehabilitation

Another key component of our service portfolio is the rehabilitation of defective sewer and drinking water systems. Depending on the type of damage, we offer a wide array of processes for the repair of buildings and structures.


The great variety of different injection methods allows us to deal with damage patterns in buildings and structures on an individual basis.

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The rehabilitation of shafts, tanks and other structures is an integral part of asset maintenance in the wastewater disposal and drinking water supply sector.

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Manual repair

Manual repair includes the repair of defective spots, the rehabilitation of faulty pipe connections, the repair of defective shafts and the replacement of damaged ascending aids or ladders.

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Manhole frame rehabilitation

Manhole frame rehabilitation is a method recommended for lowering or raising protruding or sunk manholes.

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Internal lining

This method is used in particular for the rehabilitation of tanks, structures and shafts.

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