Retrospective glance at the first upper Austrian environment days


Pucking, October 2016 –

250 visitors and more than 30 exhibitors were attracted to the First Upper Austrian Environment Days held in Pucking on September 29-30, 2016 to learn all about the “installation, maintenance and rehabilitation of piping systems”.

The organisers of the First Upper Austrian Environment Days are excited: “The feedback we received from our participants was overwhelming. Many visitors congratulated us on the successful event and the hospitality of Pucking.”

Ing. Wolfgang Steinbichler,  Executive Partner of RTi Rohrtechnik international GmbH, echoes their sentiment: “It is astounding how much attention this first-time event received from exhibitors and visitors alike. Visitors had the opportunity to gather information about a variety of green technology products and services in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed the event and felt at ease. The exhibition was further enhanced by the high profile of expert lectures.”

Many visitors and exhibitors share his view. The event was also attended by many high-ranking officials such as DI Alfred Trauner (Government of Upper Austria), Dr. Robert Aflenzer (Mayor of Pucking), Mag. Ulrike Ramber-Koller (Vice-President of the Austrian Economic Chamber) and Mr. Mark André Haebler, MBA (Deputy Chairman of ÖGL and Managing Director of Hermes Technologie Austria).


Congratulations from satisfied exhibitors on the successful event

Florian Schediwy, Director of Distribution at WDL and exhibitor at the First Upper Austrian Environment Days, concludes: “The First Upper Austrian Environment Days were the perfect platform for exhibitors like us to intensify our contacts with selected experts and professionals in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The information and technology transfer facilitated by the high-profile exhibition and lecture programme proved a great blend unseen in Upper Austria to date. The Upper Austrian Environment Days will be a fixed date in our exhibition calendar next year.”

This goes to show that the First Upper Austrian Environment Days have successfully established themselves as a high-calibre industry event and an important meet-up of specialists in installation, maintenance and rehabilitation of piping systems. A particular advantage of the First Upper Austrian Environment Days was that they proved an ideal platform for exhibitors to present their products and services. Visitor acceptance and the intensity of discussions were truly impressive. Apart from catching up with regular customers, exhibitors also had the opportunity to establish business contacts with new interesting organisations and companies.

Many exhibitors agreed that “the First Upper Austrian Environment Days are definitely an event not to be missed.”

Attractive items on the programme agenda for visitors of the First Upper Austrian Environment Days

Participants were particularly attracted by the combination of expert lectures, discussions with exhibitors and practical demonstrations. More than 30 companies presented their products and services with live demonstrations during the exhibition. Among the exhibitors were also specialised companies that have been actively engaged in trenchless pipe rehabilitation for many decades.

The exhibition was paralleled by a series of industry lectures. One of the speakers was DI Alfred Trauner from the Government of Upper Austria, who reported on the current status of the piping networks throughout the province.

Installation, maintenance and rehabilitation of piping systems - a key issue which affects us all

The water distribution and sanitation lines, which are primarily installed underground, may be regarded as the arteries and veins of our society. They are essential for public health, disease prevention and environmental conservation.

Many billions of euros have been invested in the development of a virtually nation-wide water distribution and sanitation infrastructure in recent decades. The time has now come to further expand this infrastructure while taking specific measures to keep it functional and prevent environmental hazards resulting from leaky pipes.



Trenchless pipe rehabilitation actively supports the environment

“Timely maintenance and repair through rehabilitation is a key task of network operators. Trenchless technologies are an excellent alternative to conventional (open-dig) methods and provide an environmentally sound solution to restore aging pipes quickly, efficiently and sustainably without digging up the ground”, says Ing. Michael Griebaum, representative of the organising team of the Upper Austrian Environment Days and Executive Partner of RTi Austria GmbH.

Some impressions of the event are available on the website