CCTV inspection and analysis

Careful pipe inspection and analysis is prerequisite to thorough and efficient rehabilitation.

This includes the inspection of manholes as well as leakage and pressure testing of pipes. All collected data material and information are compiled and analysed by our experts and provide the basis for an efficient rehabilitation programme.

Inspection of pipes and manholes

Special TV camera systems are used for the inspection of pipes and manhole structures.

By using state-of-the-art camera equipment, such as high-resolution panorama head cameras and scan technologies, it is possible to accurately document the damage pattern of a defective pipe or manhole structure. This lays the groundwork for the efficient rehabilitation of a pipeline network.

The WinCan inspection software is used for recording, analysis and data delivery. This ensures compliance with all applicable European standards and directives.

Leakage and pressure testing

All pipes and manholes have to undergo pressure testing in conformity with European standards following construction or rehabilitation, regardless of whether these are sewer or supply lines.

Using calibrated instruments, the pipes and manholes are tested for leaks and pressure resistance either with water or with pressurised air. The testing procedure is documented by means of a computer-controlled time-pressure diagram.

Landfill inspection and surveying

Infiltration of water into or underneath the landfill body may pose a risk to landfill stability. Therefore a reliable drainage system must be a top priority for all landfill operators.

We clean drainage pipes of up to 1000 metres in length by using high-capacity jetter-vac combo trucks. High-efficiency nozzles remove even obstinate incrustations from pipes and drainage openings, thus restoring hydraulic pipe performance.

Explosion-protected special TV inspection systems allow to inspect lines of up to 600 metres in length while also measuring temperature and gradient. Pipe deformations can be accurately measured by using state-of-the art technology.

Our modern inspection equipment is operated by certified specialists with many years of experience in landfill engineering. They ensure the flawless operation of leachate collection pipes and slope dewatering lines.

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